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Which Mask?

Mask 4 Pack International
Number of Masks 4 1
Price per Mask SOLD OUT $22.50
(exc. Shippping)
Thickness 3 Layers of
Fabric Protection
5 Layers of
Fabric Protection
Pocket for Replaceable Filters No Yes
(comes with 2 filters)
Material Durable Blend
95% Polyester
5% Elastane
Silky Polyester
Outer Layer
& Soft Cotton
Inner Layer
Size 4 Sizes to
Choose From
One Size
Children's Sizes Yes
(Small Size)
(Special Children's Models)

Machine Washable
Best to Air Dry

Hand Washable
Best to Air Dry
FREE Shipping Selected Countries
(USA, Canada, UK,
most of EU)
All Countries
with 2 Masks
Ships From UK China
Delivery Time (Estimate) 1-2 Weeks 2-4 Weeks
Nose Contour Shape-Forming
Adjustable Nose Clip
Outer Seam Thick Black Seam Beautiful
Black Seam
Other Features Quilted
Stitching Detail