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Harnessing Our Infinite Power

Harnessing Our Infinite Power

Harnessing Our Infinite Power

Not long ago, I received a book in the mail. In the inscription, one of my dear friends had written that, no matter how corny it sounded, this was what I needed in my life—and she was right.

The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence. Just the title is enticing, isn’t it? 

Many of us know, or at least have heard of the author, Deepak Chopra. It’s no surprise then, when he asks, “If you knew miracles could happen, what would you wish for?” 

What would you wish for? 

Like all of Deepak Chopra’s work, this one invites us to embark on our own journey of personal development, to shed old paradigms and embrace our interconnectedness with the universe. This particular book focuses on recognizing then creating the synchronicity that exists all around us, those moments we call coincidence, fate, miracles...

“Intent creates coincidences; it is the reason why, when you’re thinking of something, it happens. Intent is the reason why some people have a spontaneous remission or heal themselves. Intent orchestrates all the creativity in the universe. And we, as human beings, are able to create positive changes in our lives through intent. So why do we lose that ability? The ability is lost when the self-image overshadows the self, when we sacrifice our true self for the ego.”

The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire is divided into two parts, the first explaining the power of desires and archetypes, and the quantum physics behind the concept of synchronicity. It states that most of us are currently living in the physical, or local domain, in that space which is led by our conscious minds and egos. That somewhat comfortable and socially acceptable space where we rely on old habits and patterns, and our mistaken beliefs about how the world works... 

“Most of us don’t live at the level of the soul, however, so we must depend on coincidences to show us the will of the universe. We have all experienced coincidences in our lives. The word itself perfectly describes its meaning: co means ‘with,’ and incidence means ‘event.’ So the word coincidence refers to events or incidents that occur with other incidents―two or more events occurring at the same time. Because the experience of coincidences is universal, most people take them for granted, life’s little quirky moments that we marvel over, then quickly forget. … A coincidence is a clue to the intention of the universal spirit, and as such it is rich with significance.”

The author goes on to explain the nonlocal domain, where we are all connected on a cellular level, in a spiritual realm of infinite possibility and creativity. It’s extremely complex and a lot to swallow, but thankfully Chopra simplifies it just enough.

Is there a part of ourselves that is connected to all that exists? A part of ourselves that is instantaneously coinciding with everything that is happening in the universe? According to the author, there is, though few of us ever allow ourselves to vibrate at that level. 

Part two of the book teaches us the mechanics of that vibration. It is a guide for building that connection and unleashing the unlimited supply of potential—those miracles as one might call them. It is divided into seven principles, each with its own sutras, exercises and meditations to guide us through the process. Some sutras, or short statements of belief, resonated with me more than others.

Let’s take the second principle… Through the mirror of my relationships I discover my nonlocal self. Tat Tvam Asi. I see the other in myself and myself in others. 

The fourth principle summarized the book for me... Intent weaves the tapestry of the universe. San Kalpa. My intentions have infinite organizing power.

And finally, the sixth principle is perhaps the most powerful one… Celebrate the dance of the cosmos. Shiva-Shakti. I am giving birth to the gods and goddesses inside me; they express all their attributes and powers through me.

Just visualize that… How much strength and potential do we really have within us? 

“Through synchrodestiny, you can finally become the person the universe intended you to be—as powerful as desire, as creative as spirit. All it takes is an eagerness to join the cosmic dance, and a willingness to see the miracles of the soul.”

Undoubtedly, this is the section of the book that touched me the most. With all the exercises that accompany each principle, it brought me one step closer to recognizing the power I have within myself to manifest my dreams and create what I believe. But am I shedding my old skin and doing the work that needs to be done in order to become my best self? Yes, I’ve begun.

While doing more research on the book, however, I learned that not everyone appreciates Deepak Chopra as I do. Some question the veracity of the science behind his work, while others refer to him as a quack, a gifted charlatan that lures the weak-minded masses. 

And sure, he’s wealthy and hugely famous, and somewhat of a popstar of the metaphysical world. I can understand how that would turn certain people off, seeing as spirituality is often associated with deep inner work and humility—not something to shout out from the rooftops. But does that make Chopra’s studies and ideas invalid? 

Either way, he brings me hope. I find it refreshing that someone as popular and powerful as he is is using his influence to bring age-old wisdom to the masses. It’s created a quest for freedom and awakening in many, myself included, and I’m grateful for books like these.

So, let’s go back to the heart of the matter. If you knew miracles could happen, what would you wish for? 

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Joan Hudson calendar_today

I would wish for the obesity crisis in adults and children to end please.

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